Fellowship and Harmony since 1946

Chimes Nights

Since 1964, the Chimes have sung once a month at The Tombs, a sports bar and neighborhood restaurant located just outside of Georgetown University’s front gates.  This monthly tradition was made possible by the generosity and ingenuity of Richard McCooey, the founder of The Tombs and several other restaurants in the DC area. A Chimes Night consists of roughly an hour of barbershop music and popular hits. Upon induction into the group, each Active Chime is honored with his own Chimes Night.

Reservations are now CLOSED for Spring Chimes Night on Wednesday, April 9th! Dinner starts at 7:30, with singing at 8:00. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at chimesnight@georgetownchimes.org.

If you couldn’t make it, stay tuned for our final Chimes Night of the year, Senior Chimes Night, this May!

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